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 OIA GLOBAL VIETNAM CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of OIA GLOBAL U.S.A. which is a global corporation providing services for freight forwarding in import and export, supply chain management services for world renowned global brands’ supply chain requirements from buy, sell, manufacture via sub-contracted suppliers, warehousing and deliver materials to door where the material is needed. Order management is being done through ERP Order Management System in OIA GLOBAL USA HQ and OIA TAIWAN Order Processing Office in order to function in the same time zone where all manufacturing customers are located in Asia. Customers place their order to OIA Order System daily, weekly or monthly based on their need for manufacturing lead time. On behalf of customers, OIA do design, develop proto type samples, sourcing, price negotiation, sub-contracted manufacturing, deliver goods directly to customers’ door or through OIA bonded warehouse for keeping safety stock inventory and deliver from bonded warehouse to customers’ door. OIA handles all kinds of packaging materials from inner boxes, wrapping papers, master outer cartons, different type of polymer, chemicals and other specialized components. 

Together with freight forwarding as well as supply chain management operations, OIA GLOBAL VIETNAM is handling import and export, to and from global locations where OIA GLOBAL business units are operating globally. OIA GLOBAL has proven capabilities of providing excellent services to customers in global locations.

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